R. Stephen Gracey portrait

R. Stephen Gracey

rsgracey@gmail.com | 1417 Larchmont Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 | 216.246.5709


  • Content: Content strategy, content management, and content experience design.
  • Analysis: Web analytics, business process, and workflow modeling.
  • Creative: Graphic design, web design, coding, writing, editing, and blogging.
  • User experience: User research, usability testing, information architecture, user experience design, and web analytics.
  • Leadership: Project management, change management, community building.

Experience and Roles

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (2006 – present)

  • Senior Content Strategist (2017-present)
  • Senior Systems Specialist (2012-2017)
  • Web Content Manager (2006-2012)

CRM Spearhead

Appointed as FRB Cleveland’s business lead to System workgroup to implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an enterprise standard platform. Represented local business requirements, participated in defining the data model and designing the user experience. Managing the local implementation of MS Dynamics CRM to replace the Rolodex application. Working closely with stakeholders to prepare data for migration, to customize their user experience, and to prepare them for new digital marketing capabilities.

Web Content Champion

Leading the redesign of an experimental subsection of clevelandfed.org as a dynamic content portal providing access to content from across the site, filtered and organized by topic, geography, and content type, as well as an interactive data visualization application to explore economic indicators as time-series, graphic display.

Seconded to IT as part of a cross-functional team to remediate a failed website redesign. Established HTML5/CSS markup standards to improve SEO and consistency. Selected and led a team to migrate 35 years of web content to from old CMS to Sitecore, implementing the markup standard.

Designed and produced all new web content for five months. Provided web analytics support to guide testing and measure progress.

Advised internal customers on formulating content and social media strategies. Edited and produced web content for public and intranet sites. Led focus groups, designed and administered surveys, developed information architectures, and presented regularly at internal national conferences on content strategy

Collaboration Toolsmith

Designed, developed, and curated a SharePoint project management, measurement, and collaboration environment for Public Affairs. In addition to standard library functions, built a complete, custom time reporting and project tracking system. Presented tools to System conferences and other Reserve Banks.

Metrics Maven

Designed, implemented, and monitored web analytics for both public and intranet sites, using both WebTrends and Google Analytics.

Social Media Spearhead

Led Bank’s expansion of social media channels. Wrote posts, and responded to public comments. Selected group tools, established metrics and reporting, and identified policies and best practices for their use. Implemented strategies for socializing major events. Organized and trained conference social media teams.

UX Champion

Worked with internal business customers to create intranet sites that communicated their identity, service offerings, and resources. Managed small team of user experience and business analysis staff. Led focus groups, conducted user surveys, and produced heuristic analyses of existing sites.

Content Management Craftsman

Co-led the implementation Autonomy TeamSite content management system during the full redesign of the public website. Designed, conducted, and analyzed first-ever user research. Worked with internal customers to identify requirements for authoring and workflow. Planned CMS integration with existing web applications. Organized and supervised usability testing.

Episcopal Diocese of Ohio (2000 ~ 2006)

Bishop’s Assistant for Information Strategy
As diocesan communications officer, reengineered all processes and systems, to shift emphasis from print communication to web collaboration. Edited and published weekly news updates. Redesigned, directed, and edited the quarterly diocesan magazine, including all design and layout. Wrote regular column on communication and public relations strategies for parishes.

Ernst & Young LLP (1995 1999)

  • Senior Consultant (1995-1996)
  • Manager (1996-1999)

Managed new consultant entry programs, serving client business units throughout US and Canada. Designed content, planned logistics, and delivered orientation courses through explosive business growth and intensive hiring. Managed staff of 15-20. Grew programs from 15 to over 30 sessions per year, from 45 participants per session to more than 70, with over 1200 new hires trained and over $1 million in budget per year. Designed, developed, and delivered the Global Consulting Orientation (GCO) program with a global, virtual team. Led first European pilots in Stockholm, Sweden, and Paris, France.

Managed a large, international creative and content team to develop “Culture in Global Business,” an innovative web-based course on cross-cultural communication. Co-authored an original, interactive novel. Wrote scripts. Hired voice-over talent. Organized usability tests across the globe.

Platforms and Tools

Microsoft Dynamics 356 CRM, Sitecore, SharePoint, Nintex, TeamSite, Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, WebTrends, SurveyGizmo, Hootsuite
Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, Axure

Articles and Books

  • “INFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS OF FAQS,” A List Apart, No. 303, 2010. (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/infrequently-asked-questions-of-faqs/)
  • Featured in Books:
    • Content Everywhere, Sara Wachter-Boettcher. Rosenfeld Media, 2012. (http://rosenfeldmedia.com/books/content-everywhere/)
    • Content Strategy at Work: Real-world Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project. Bloomstein, Margot. Morgan Kaufmann, 2012. (http://appropriateinc.com/)


  • MBA, Computers & Information Systems, William E Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester.
  • BA, French Language & Literature | BMUSIC, Voice Performance, Oberlin College.
  • Completed core coursework toward MS, User Experience Design, Kent State University, School of Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM). GPA 4.0
  • Languages: Fluent in French. Understand Spanish, Italian, and German.