Need help with your content? Let’s get engaged!

I have a day job, but I also do side gigs. Get in touch with me for a couple of hours of free initial thinking and conversation. Let’s put your questions and struggles on the table and take a look. Maybe I can help and maybe not, but if I can, here’s what we could do together.

Heuristic Content Strategy Review

Let’s take a look at your current content life cycle and compare your approaches to current best practices, including:

  • What are your content goals?
  • Where is your content coming from?
  • How is it stored?
  • How is it published and propagated?
  • How is it monitored and measured?
  • How do you renew your content to keep it fresh and lively?
  • How does your content strategy lead you to your business success?

The results of a content review can help confirm what’s going well, identify the gaps, and point you in the next stage of your journey.

Content Management CONTENT Consult

Whether you’re thinking about investing in a content management system (CMS) for the first time, improving your existing system, or ditching it for a new one, I can help you with the content part.

  • How do you get the content ready?
  • What does your content imply about the configuration of your CMS?
  • How many (and which) content templates will you need?
  • How should your content be modeled for the CMS?

Content Analytics

Content is just a bum if it’s not working for it’s living. Why give it care and feeding if it’s not contributing to your bottom line? Figuring out how measure that contribution, however, isn’t always clear-cut. Having spent years in defining scorecards and measures, as well as configuring analytics systems, I can help sort that out.

  • Tailoring web analytics to reveal content engagement
  • Mixing and matching measures to produce Content Intelligence
  • Ensuring that your content is speaking your target audience’s language (sometimes called “SEO/SEM”)

Intellectual Co-Processing

Really, my best contribution to your efforts is my ability to help you think. You talk to me, and I’ll bring it back to you as clarified strategy to address your stickiest systemic problems. Let’s talk. You’ll gain focus and clarity. Promise.

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